Progress Update, 26th March

Hi there,

So a couple of weeks have happened, the world has turned somewhat upside down, right is left, left is right, and cats are ■■■■■■■ dogs… or something, not sure about that saying…

In the world of Dark Galaxy things are slowly progressing as I start to settle into my life as a hermit.

Alpha 3
Firstly, alpha 3 has finally ended after almost 25,000 turns (really this time). While it’s certainly gone on far longer than expected, the extended runtime has allowed me to pick up on a couple of bugs / issues which may have damaged a standard length game, including:

  • Unable to build on a planet which had Integer.MAX_INT resources, due to overflows
  • Alliance Rankings break pretty horribly after a while.

Both of these could have theoretically triggered in the beta, depending on how it played out, so happy to have them fixed. With that, turns for the alpha have stopped, grats to UP, if not for winning, but actually sticking out 25k turns. Thanks go out to @Whilibarj and @Ingus for their general diligence during the alpha to things which could possibly be wrong.

The alpha has revealed a few things which could use some polish, which I’m going to focus on as the beta runs (combat will get a rewrite, for example, to ensure things like overkill exist).

The Beta
The beta is getting closer, with more people cooped up in their homes getting it running so people have something to do is somewhat of a priority, whilst also ensuring I don’t go crazy from my own isolation. I’ve put in a couple of QoL improvements into the UI (mentioned in the previous update):

  • All items in the queue can now be hovered, and it will tell you their build requirements
  • The ‘Radar’ page now exists
  • ‘Storage’ checks are done on the ‘Available’ list, so you can no longer queue something if it’s impossible to build because of worker storage.
  • Tighter checks to make sure ‘invalid’ queue’s cannot be made (thanks @Muffinman)

I mentioned in the previous post that I’d like to have destruction of all structures, for the time being due to the massive amount of work involved in that, I’m going to hold off for the beta, just to help get it out the door faster.

The main things on the list to get sorted now, are mail authentication, password reset, change password functionality. This is all pretty much handled engine side (baring one annoying bug I’m working on), after which we should be pretty much ready to go for signups. While signups are happening, I’ll be adding final polish (such as finishing the converter UI), as we should be good to go. While originally the length of the beta was going to be 2400 turns, it’s likely going to be longer, just to give more time for backend progression and the new UI. There will be multiple speed-games run through the beta period, where I’ll be testing new functionality to be included in the main launch.

I’ll be making a general post to document the changes for those returning to the game after so long, signups will probably be open for a while before the game starts, to make sure everyone gets in.

I’ll give updates on things as they happen!

Until next time, stay safe.