Progress Update, 27th August 2020

So, a lot of time has passed since I made one of these… My general progress has been slow, but I’ve been trying to deal with various negative things in the real world, and DG has kinda been sat at the back of my mind, with that said, I’ve been slowly working on things…

In the background, I’ve been re-structuring the various projects associated with the engine, to try and make things a little easier to work with, and reduce the pain caused by simple changes here and there, this has been relatively time consuming but will allow accelerated development going forward (DG consists of about 16 different projects, all handling different parts of the engine, and a change to one results in a massive cluster-■■■■ of other changes which have to be applied elsewhere).

As far as things which are tentatively completed though…

The restructuring of the galaxy to split things up a little more (4 coord points, rather than 3) is basically finished and tested along with travel times, sectors have finally returned…

The new combat code is about 90% done, the calculations are looking OK as a base, although correctly distributing combat score and final outcomes is still a work in progress… Turns out that combat is easy, ensuring everything else is taken care of is slightly harder. I’m working on bringing a better way to test combat, although a speed game and general input from others might make this easier.

Food is tentatively working, excluding all the caveats mentioned previously. This will need some wider testing to confirm functionality, but as a basis, seems to be ok.

Destruction now works in theory, but will require a LOT of testing by the community to make sure it actually works properly.

Abundance changes are implemented and working fine.

Loading / Unloading should be a little more reliable, I’m essentially ‘removing’ child items (resources) from fleets prior to attempting to move ships around, then brute forcing the child units back into the fleets where they will fit, it’s a bit convoluted, but may give some better results (albeit, requires testing, worst case scenario, it’s the same as it is currently).

Scoring still needs work, and it’s something I’m giving significant thought too, firstly, I’m creating a new way to combine Asset score and Combat score into a single score. This is designed to provide a far more ‘fixed’ way to determine how well someone is doing, and to try and drag the game away from the ‘farmer vs battler’ argument. I’ll be maintaining both scores internally so can provide some stats at the end of the game, but prior to then, it will not be clear where score has come from.

In addition, and more complexly, I’m working on re-calculating how scores are determined, ‘exact’ resource scores aren’t particularly fair, at the extreme, a structure could cost 100 metal, and 20 mineral to create, but could also require a Heavy Weapons Factory… In the game’s current state, the score for the structure would not correctly represent the actual resources required to build it (this has problematically applied to ships as well). Most of the work being done here is designed to correctly balance ‘odd’ cases, (see Outpost Ships), but at the same time provide more gravitas to end-game structures, and high end units which should be scored far above someone who’s just building a crapload of mid-tier units to boost the scores. More information on how this is calculated will come once I’ve finalised the numbers (I’ve gone through 15 different algorithms so far, and not been happy with them, who doesn’t love k-factors, I’m working on simplifying things to try and get better results)…

As far as the next beta is concerned… woof. I’m likely going to be poking around on Discord in the next week or two, to create testing ‘sessions’ with volunteers that’ll last a couple of hours with the goal of running tests directly against my dev environment, followed up by a speedgame weekend, to open the testing to a broader audience. Once both of those have concluded, and I’m happy with the results, Beta 2 will be rolled out.

Until next time!


Great work Frosty! Looking forward to the next testing round already :smiley:

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Good news!!:smile:

Keep on the good job!!
Count on us!

Thank you for the update @FrostyCoolSlug.
I’m looking forward to doing some testing of the update :slight_smile:

Hopefully these changes will provide a more balanced and enjoyable game for everybody involved.

I can’t believe I found this after what, 15 years since I last played it?

I’m literally shaking from excitement. Oh, the memories.

Hope it all goes well and we see the start of the second beta.