Progress Update, Last Second Changes! 22nd May

So with about 5 hours to go, there have been a couple of minor changes placed into the game, you’ll know about most of this if you’ve logged into the game, but going to document them anyway.

I’ll start with the big one as there was quite a bit of discussion about this during the alphas. During the alphas, invasion was configured so that all resources at an invaded location were removed on success, leaving the structures behind. The reasoning behind this was to help prevent inactive farming, where an under-developed ‘abandoned’ planet with a lot of resources becomes a preferential target over active players with substantially built planets (why invade a heavily defended planet with a Strip mine, when you can get 1,000,000,000 resources from an undefended small one?).

On paper, this made perfect sense, to try and re-focus invasions onto active players and alliances, but in practise the investment cost of invasion became exceptionally high, not only did you have to commit the resources to potential battles, the soldiers, and all the leg work, but it produced a time investment while a planet started to regenerate resources, this was problematic because a new planet was potentially not usable for a large chunk of time. The argument was being made that it simply wasn’t worth invading planets anymore, which is counter to a central point of the game!

In order to address this, I’ve changed the invasion code slightly so that 10% of the resources at a planet will be kept after a successful invasion. This gives a base to start immediate work from, and also acts like a ‘spoils’ reward to a successful invasion. I’m going to see how this plays, and how players interact with the change to detemine whether it requires further adjustment post-beta.

Other Stuff

  • Improved Emailing a bit, should be less chance of mails being spammed.
  • Added ‘Forgotten Password’ page (sorry it’s late!)
  • Placed reCaptcha for signup and forgotten passwords.

If you have any issues with these changes, let me know.

For the beta, good luck and have fun!