Progress Update, Slipping some stuff in.. 12th May 2020

With the beta starting in just over a week and a half, I’m working on trying to finalise a few bits and pieces here and there. Obviously it’s difficult to make any major changes, but some small ones are still possible.

Firstly, some QoL is being added to alliances, while they’re still a little bare bones at the moment (and we’ll come to this at a later date), I’ve added the ability for the alliance leaders to keep an ‘announcement’ box at the top of the page, as well as add ‘Notes’ to players.

The announcement box is a good place to store information which alliance members should be aware of, it can include links to things like discord, to battle strategies, it’s up to you really, it’s a freeform text box with Markdown support for basic formatting, and is viewable to all alliance members viewing the alliance page.

The ‘Notes’ system, allows you to assign a note of up to 80 characters to a specific alliance member, this could be their role, or action (for example, where they’re colonising), again, it’s freeform, so use your imagination.

For alliance leaders, the alliance page looks a little messy, I do apologise for that, it’ll be cleaned up in time, but I was aiming for functionality over beauty in this case:

For alliance members, everything is a little cleaner:

These changes are scheduled to go live prior to the round starting, looking at fixing up a couple more issues first!

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Just to let those not on discord know, it seems the functionality described is not yet live in the beta :wink:

Looks super. Thanks a lot amigo

These changes have now been deployed to the beta (along with password changing on I increased the Announcement Length to 600 as well :slight_smile:

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Wheee :slight_smile:

That being said, why are you limiting the messages/announcements so much? If one wants to send an announcement with orders or whatever 600 characters are up to nowhere. Basically this is comparable to twitter at the moment.

Assuming you are using some kind of a generic database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, etc) a simple text column should do the trick. If you want you can still limit it to some kind of sane number (10-20k characters). The storage shouldn’t be a problem in general.

I’m technically using something that’s not supposed to be used for this purpose, the functionality for it doesn’t exist engine side, but there was a way I could make it happen without having to do engine modification, and database schema changes (which would generally require a reset, and removing all signups).

Alliances will hopefully be getting an overhaul during the beta as well, so didn’t want to dedicate too much time to ‘creating’ this feature, then having to rewrite it again later.