QoL request: "Are you sure?" popup on canceling queue item in progress

See title. I may or may not have just cancelled an important ship or building 2 hours before completion because of a mobile misclick :confused:


oh that happened so often during alpha, especially with speedrounds and tapping on mobile. although I doubt the popup would resolve much. most of those tend to go on a ah theres that popup again click basis without double checking if its the correct deletion :rofl: maybe only for building that are say over 25%constructed?

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well, if I’m stupid enough to click OK, then I would feel it is deserved.
In this case, it feels undeserved to lose so much progress.

Yeap, happened in mobile aswell.
The confirmation should be great

I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try and slip this in… surprised no one really mentioned it in the alpha :stuck_out_tongue:

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For the time being you can use my script to acheive that (Custom scripts (UI fixes and improvements)).

If someone wants to have it standalone functionality, please message me and I will release it as standalone.