Radar - Feedback

I’ve been fixing up radar to limit it to only show a system, rather than the entire galaxy (or in the case of the rings, all galaxies in a ring) and have gotten to thinking… Can we get some general changes? Questions I have:

  1. Should Radar only show approaching fleets, and not departing fleets? (Interestingly, fleets departing to homeworlds that aren’t your own currently don’t show).

  2. Should there be a ‘remote radar’ which allows you to pick up radar data for another system.

  3. Any other general thoughts?


I would say only approaching fleet. otherwise you can get many double entries in your system.

A remote radar that allows to scan generic movement in another system would be nice. And a proper difference from the fleet scan which shows detailed information for a single planet.

Other remark, for user friendliness it would be nice to show the number of soldiers and invasion ships required for a planet (in its current state) That allows new players to easily figure out the ratios and get used to it.

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It should show all fleets, incoming or outgoing. But a filter to reduce double entries would be nice. Like a filter for allied, enemy or in a best case cenario if fleet over x amount of score show in radar.

I believe not seeing outgoing fleets would be a loss, as it might be interesting to see where fleets head off too.
As suggested by someone else: comms is a bit annoying to check as you have to find a planet with a comms radar in each system you want to check.
The suggestion was to pull the radar tab out of the planet page and give it it’s own tab.
It also makes sense that all your comm systems are interlinked so just have one page with all the data visible.
For scans I think the easiest thing is to replace the “communications” with “scans” and have that link to the scan page. This way you still have to select which planet’s energy supply you’re going to drain.

I think remote radar doesn’t add that much. Intel is one of the most important aspects of the game, so I think it’s good thing it does take some effort.
Energy is never a problem as soon as you have a solar station so the “cost” for scans are neglectible.
(Also, I think an energy rebalance is in order, as it is right now you only need to build a solar station, regardless of the planet’s energy efficiency. It should be so that a solar station isn’t sufficient to power all the buildings on a planet…)

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I liked all of your suggestions Tony!

The idea for a specific ‘Radar’ tab is an interesting one, and one which quite a few people are suggesting now, so I’m gonna add that to the list of improvements, and hopefully put a page together for that.

There might be some more discussion on the radar feature in general soon, and how it can be improved / changed.

I do agree with @Tiny that energy needs a bit of a rework for balance reasons, I’m going to be doing some rebalancing of things before the beta hits in January, to account for various changes to the game since the last round was played.

It begins.