Rankings pages seem to be getting slower

These pages seem to be taking quite a while to load. I presume the backend may be calculating the scores in real time? Seems like it might be a easy way to DDOS the server ^^



Seems quick enough for me on phone. What browser?

Those examples above are direct CURL requests to the server, no browser. Chrome load time for me is comparable.

feels pretty slow right now here too

Optimisations arent massively high on my list currently, but they’ll be under consideration a little later on.

There are a lot of optimisations I can make in these regards, but knowing that the rankings pages have issues is an important thing to know (it’s likely the calculations are slowing down turn updates as well).


now tick 4,2k it loads around 45 seconds and the number of players isnt that high

Score calculation is a pretty heavy affair, I’m relatively sure the engine will complete the calculations quickly after the turn has updated, but handling the database side is a little slow (it contains all data from all turns prior for all players and alliances).

I’m guessing it’s handling the database side of updating and inserting records after the turn update has completed, but is maintaining a lock until it’s done, which is causing perceived slow load times.

After turns were disabled, the pages went back to loading instantly. I’ll need to double check the code, to see if I can handle the updates more efficiently.

Turns out, needed a couple of indexes on the scores table, this is fixed and seemingly working.

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