RAWR So Angry 15 char


Its become quite apparent that most of you are very rusty on your flaming techniques.

Therefore, here we go. A place to practice. Air out your grievances with each other.
ZOMG that alliance is full of meanie-pants or Those guys are like totes farmers …thats dull…lets get creative here kiddos.

Lets keep all attacks and slanders ingame and impersonal to a point pretty please. Remember, this is a freaking BETA and we’re trying to grow a community…

but…alas…this community thrives on a bit of flames…


There are people who like to win even in repetitions. this community is very competitive and more 10 years later

That IS not bad

I like you all. My proposal for beta 2:
No battleships, only outposts and traders

yo momma is so fat she needs a hulk for an invasionship


That’s not a flame. steals all the beer

Ok now go.

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buuuu we are being ganbanged by WP + VOC = 16+24 = 40 vs RoF only 28!!!

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sets a bourbon down in front of him and Pat’s his couch cushion



Tell me more about how this makes you feel.

So sad that in 10 years you can’t grow up and keep the flames of the youth…
Shame on you

(Is that better?)

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I think you’re a really nice guy so…I mean, I guess that was a decent effort?

For the record, it’s been like…15 years though I think.

Yeah, well, I’m pretty bad at this… Flaming was never my best side haha

And with the years, after being a dad, I became more emphatic. We all have too.many problems in RL to become angrier or sadder or madder in a game.

Nowadays I’d prefer to listen on why is ppl so mad instead of entering in this state of flaming.


Is tradition.