Refresher on the game

Heya. So, it’s been over 10 years since DG breathed its last. I’ve managed to forget most of how the game worked in that time. Do we have anything from before that gives a brief rundown, or would someone be willing to help out with something like that? I remember having planets and building stuff on the planets and research and attacking, but not specifics on any of that. I know some things will change but I’m sure the main mechanics and many of the details will remain the same or be similar.

I am sure that something will be done however most of the guides were user generated. I remember Hawk did one.
For now

Might be helpful.

Edit. Well minus food and not including holoships it is mostly the same.

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Thanks! …

Here is an old build list (probably won’t work correctly, but should give an idea for you to start and give inspiration for your own):

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Haha, that was me :slight_smile:

I have a half-working clone up with most of the farming basics, I don’t think I ever finished invasions or alliances. @ingus can give you the link if you’re interested. It’s based on the final round(s) code.

Sometimes the best way to remember is just to play :smiley:

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thanks! …

Went to the Wayback website to check out the old forums. I know everyone said they didn’t work but it was so nice to see the forum there and then SO disappointing to click on a link and get absolutely nothing. So sad. @FrostyCoolSlug do you know who it was that messed it up?

Not a clue I’m afraid, from what I could tell at the time, an exploit was found in vBulletin and automated bots just started using it, embedding ads everywhere, and making general changes. I caught it inside about 30 minutes of it happening (it triggered an automated alert), but by then the damage was already done.

I do still have the database floating around, so it might be possible for me to make a special front end for it, just for data retrieval / browsing, but that would unfortunately take too much time currently.

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No. Do it. For mankind’s sake

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I looked into the information on those pages and noted some differences between the old version and the closed alpha we just did.

  1. Food is taken out and replaced with population growth.
  2. AFAIK jumpgates and beacons did nothing in the alpha
  3. Science was distributed /tick instead of the old way (you needed research labs and researchers)
  4. Some buildings weren’t included (the 50% boosters for each resource and their individual reprocessors from energy), fusion reactors and the research lab
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