Request - Battle System documentation

Document it. Don’t make me reverse engineer it. I don’t have the time anymore.


Pfft, I was planning on changing the calculations every round, just slightly… so everyone who made calculators thought they were going crazy.

I’m on the fence about this one, I might as well include a battle simulator in-game if it’s going to be documented to that extent, but this probably needs other peoples feedback.

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Not enough time… that the problem of getting older

Could be good a battle simulator

No simulator, let us work a bit :slight_smile: Just give basic information to work with.

Can you give some examples of what you’d consider ‘basic’ information in this case? Knowing how everything works makes it a little difficult for me to work out what would be good info, what would be too much etc.

I’d say the last round I played was a good balance. We did not have ratios and had to figure these out ourselves. But if I recall correctly, we knew about how “rounds” were implemented. Like I think Fighters, Bombers and Frigates were targeting each other in round 1, then the leftovers joined destroyers and carriers for round #2, then ships got involved. Plus I think we knew what ships were targeted first (e.g. Carriers targeted fighters first, Bombers targeted destroyers, Frigates targeted Fighters, etc…)

I think it was a good balance. It gave room for people to get an advantage by putting more effort into it (e.g. studying to figure out ratios ranges), while still giving enough information for new players to know that sending an armada of fighters against a cruiser was a bad idea.

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I firmly oppose this.

You can give basic details about how combat works, but I’d even go as far as to say add a slight variable into it. You don’t want to make it a chess board.

If people wish to slowly gain knowledge over time to increase their effectiveness that’s fine, but don’t spoonfeed it.

Aside from that overkill should be implemented, there is no need to make overkill the dominant factor in an engagement, but it avoids people specifically targeting 1 part of a fleet, because they’re sure they’ll get X amount of kills on it. If you fly 40 destroyers into a fleet of 2000 BTS’s it should have a very low chance at blowing 1 BTS up…

You could cap it at some point that if minimum fleet power of X is met the damage penalty can be no lower than 5% for example. You don’t want people merely moving in huge fleets, but you do want to award strategic assaults.


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Add in a random numbers generator into battle!

Either don’t provide it or provide it with a calculator.
This way it stays the same for everyone.
If at one point you do release all the information, people will make calculators themselves anyway.

I would expect that once everything is fixed for the first full round then there will also be a manual available :wink:

All relevant details including details on combat but no combat ratios will be included, where would be the fun in that?