Rof comes crashing g1 party!

We heard VOC aka : Vengeance of the Clogs was having a party in G1 .

We , ROF , were not invited … So we decided to crash the party …


Let’s get this party started …


Looking for my f(l)eet…

Even BORG put more effort in their DOW. And it sucked.

you don-t appreciate the photoshop work on DR-s whili ?

It’s like a 2020 version of Wordart :slight_smile:

Yay… nice dow.
Hf and post BRs

You mean 1997?

Fear Necro dr. Q-Storm! Is quite an interesting name for a rap artist.

This finally got interesting!

Xtras’ operation turned out to be quite a good job - jummy.

What the actually ■■■■!! Where’s my hand???

Its the oxydation, you should have used a plastic knife.


rilla cancels his vacation to Romania

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All happy with a DOW but can we lose the second image. I don’t feel it is appropriate for an open community.

@Tomasnz well in my opinion the picture is harmless … let your imagination run wild and then you might find if offensive . put a purist like me … looks at the picture and sees grown men in clean white underwear looking at an extremely nice couch with soft pillows . very harmless

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“The Pillow Factory”

Reconnaissance of Furniture

Guys I think you’ve got the wrong address

Damn did we attack the wrong alliance again??

who changed my DOW ?

I did… the sofa us ugly and we had complains :smiley: