Romanian Federation - is not recruiting

Hello everyone,

we are not recruiting.

Just pointing out that we are here and we are going to kick ■■■ again.

Have fun!

Love and kisses (not for Ingus :stuck_out_tongue: ) ( :wink:)

later edit : INGUS STOP EDITING MY POSTS !! :smiley:

OK :smiling_imp:

we should have a cap on the max number of romanians playing DG . let-s give other people a fighting chance . 2 romanians should be enough :slight_smile:


2 romanians and 1 foreigner :joy:

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We should give everybody a 100 turns head start to keep it fair since you added a foreigner into the mix …


Lol… that’s fair :rofl:

I still don’t understand the fascination of the romanians and portuguese with regards to agriculture though, could you clarify that :kissing_heart:

Back in the days Romania was called the farmer of Europe, we have the capacity to feed up to 80 mils people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not recruiting thread was copyrighted by Loreal 15 years ago.

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looks at database… Can Confirm.

If you have this thread in the database, I really really want a copy of it.

I don’t trust Frosty in this at all :joy: show me your TM Certificate :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume you’re referring to this one:

Posted Tue, 15 Nov 2005 10:49:53

With that having been said (and further research done, because I totally don’t have better things to do right now :D), Loreal weren’t the first…

Tue, 15 Nov 2005 10:49:53 - DOOM
Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:17:00 - Brigade

Neither were as entertaining though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I demand the full thread. Same for our wardecs, etc…

Every thread related to Loreal needs to be archived in a museum.

You said that our thread was posted on 15 Nov 2005 (same exact date/time as DOOM, so I guess you messed up). And Brigade in 2006.

I still claim early copyright.

Yep, messed up the time edit, was sometime 2007 (will fix next time I have the database open)… I only have the raw database data, nothing usefully parsed :stuck_out_tongue:

should be conserved properly if you ladies are anything to go by :heart_eyes:

I did enjoy writing those rejection letters.

If only we still had access to that old Dalcom thread…


Yeah. Now we’ll have to rethink our entire not-recruitment process and I’m too lazy to do that…