Rush Outpost Build order

Hi all, I mentioned in discord it would be cool to see some build orders put out there to help newer players see some of the options there might be.

To that end I have created a build order using the amazing tool made by @Muffinman linked here…

Now this build order is not necessarily a great one… But it is one that rushes an outpost ship as quickly as I was able to figure out how. I don’t recommend anyone slavishly uses this, but rather uses it to think about what they want to do with the super early game.

There are some key issues with this build… Doing nothing between turns 64 and 67… not having spare population to build stuff with while the outpost ship is being built, but it does get it building super quick.

Food for thought and enjoy using the tool to play in the next few days before the game kicks off.


Muffin is logging everything!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

mostly bugs :sweat_smile:

Paranoia! :smiley:

Unfortunately I’m not logging anything, so you will need to send me those sweet, sweet build orders if you want me to see them!

And yes, lots of bugs!


Thanks for making this, it was rather helpful! It’s so much better than using a spreadsheet or calculator :laughing:

But nowhere near as fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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