Shipyard builds disappearing

I am not sure, If its something to do with the pop or the late state of alpha, but my ships have started to disappear after finishing builds.

They were quite big queues of 1600 traders each and then one smaller of ~600, but Ive managed to complete ones of this size before.

You lose resources and get no finished product and the workers remain occupied

same here, but i had this bug in the pre-alpha

I think this is related to the trader/pop bug. You are probably hitting some kind of limit with queuing up so many traders. (what would you want them for anyway? Except fake points:p)

Yeah, I dont really care about the traders, but intrigued about what is the problem in background. You could have this amount of population in a fleet in normal game, If you really worked at it.

I think it might be some integer overflow in fleet population size. Frosty said the numbers are longs, but I dont think its a happenstance that it happens around 2.2bil.

I tested it at two planets and both stopped “working” at 2.2-2.4bil pop and 10k traders.

Can this be reproduced on the current pre-alpha?

I would put this under the “never going to happen in normal conditions” list. Clearly just some upper limit on storage on the planet and only possible because of the storage bugs.

Was caused by a storage calc accidentally using an int, rather than a long, this has been fixed.

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