So where we at? Oct 6th

Oof, September came and went an a remarkable pace, as with many things in this world everything’s taking a bit of a back seat to events occurring…

Following up from the last progress report, honestly, there hasn’t been a massive amount of movement. Being transparent, I bought a house at the start of the year, the room where I do DG and generally entertain myself has become a place of work, and I’m eager to spend as little time as possible in here. Obviously, this has had a negative effect on my general desired to work on the game, and push things forward…

With that said, my work / life balance has finally started moving in a more positive direction, I’ve started looking into, and working on code which I’ve not wanted to deal with in months and things are finally starting to normalise a little more. So, now is the time…

I’m ultimately more motivated than ever to actually work on, and improve DG, this game has been influential on many peoples lives, as well as mine… and it deserves far more respect than I’ve been giving it.

I’m hoping to run some discord ■■■■-arounds with the game throughout the next week or two (keep your eyes open if you wanna help), and once that’s happened a few times, actually get to running a speedgame with the new code.

The game has evolved a lot since the last beta, which honestly I’d call a disaster as far as player interaction is concerned… I’m hoping to have resolved a lot of the issues that players had (although the community rules are still a little further behind the work I’m doing), but getting some real world testing and consideration will help evolve them further.

As I say, keep an eye on discord, hopefully you can get into the exclusive group that slams my PC with tests for a while… It’ll be useful to have people around!

Until next time, all the best…
Stay Frosty.


F5s Frosty’s PC to death :grin:

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count with me for any testing!

what a time to return to pc ^^

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Autumn comes and the lesser known Jango raises it’s head out of the burrow in order to forage for food… :chipmunk:

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The season change 15+ years ago, but I remember a lot of names from those days.