So where we at?

Oof (apparently a phrase I’m starting a lot of these updates with), gotta be honest, with working from home I anticipated that I could get my head down and do a crapload of work on DG, but this room has become a place where stuff I have to do (work), and stuff I enjoy doing (DG) interact, and DG due to the nature of the interaction with work has been feeling like an extension of my day job just because of the shared locale… The separation of the I’ve had historically had has somewhat disappeared, throw on top of that one of my cats recently dying, and mentally I’ve been all over the place.

This isn’t an excuse, it’s an explanation, I know everyone wants DG, and I honestly wish I could provide, things are ultimately proving harder than they should be in these “unprecedented times”.

As far as updates, I ran an ‘internal’ test of the new combat code, and posted multiple threads on the subject of how it works, I think we’ve crushed most of the bugs, I’m ready to announce a speed game to do final testing inside the next couple of weeks, after which a full length beta should happen. There are quite a few other smaller changes and tweaks coming, it’ll be interesting to see the feedback when it happens.

Just hold tight, I’m trying to fix life things, I honestly want to get back into this, I’m trying as hard as I can, but circumstances have made things a little difficult, please bear with me :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna let this die, not now, not after all the work that’s happened, but time and situations need to be addressed to get this rolling how it should be…


Here’s Billy, we miss him.


Craig, don’t worry. We will be here when you are ready, and don’t worry about being ready unless you truly are.
So, focus on yourself, and trust that, even if most of us don’t know you, we wish you all the best


second that!

Stay Frosty mate! Don’t let impatience fool you, if we can wait 15 years, we can wait a few months more :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to trying out the new stuff.

RIP 413 cat. <3


Having the knowledge to do what you do is a blessing and I would gladly assist you if I had your knowledge and understanding of computers. Unfortunately I do not and about all I can do is say thanks for everything you are doing and then stay the heck out of your way. I can’t speak for everybody but I probably do when I tell that we are all loyal DG players and look forward to when you are ready. Don’t kill yourself on our behalf in the process. We can wait.

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