Spare unused Invasion Ships in unsuccessful invasion of a planet

Currently any Invasion ships used in a failed invasion mysteriously vanish, even if only carrying a fraction of soldiers in them, they all go forth into the landing never to return.
This means that if you have a fleet of 50 Invasion Ships, with enough soldiers to populate 10 of them, my expectation is that the game doesn’t use the other 40 ships into the planet, leaving them in orbit and not actually get involved in the delivery of the soldiers.

This would also have the benefit of sparing the player the need to micromanage his surplus 40 IS into a new or adjacent fleet on the enemy planet’s orbit since they won’t be needed, and can be sent to another planet to load on more soldiers after using up all of the soldiers that the ships were carrying.

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would be ok, if you only loose the number of invasion ships that had to carry the soliders

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Going to put some time into this, unfortunately it’s not a simple fix.

From a technical perspective, the engine doesn’t consider the context of invasion ships when doing the invasion calculation, to the engine they’re just units like soldiers. I’m going to need to rewrite chunks of invasion to take into account that an IS is primarily just storage, and to appropriately remove them at the end.

Hoping to get this fixed for the beta if I can’t squeeze it in before the final alpha.

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