Speedgame - This weekend, 20th November

Hi all! I hope this finds you well.

In final preparation for Beta 2, I’m going to be running a weekend speedgame with the latest code, just to get some general final sanity checks before pushing a new game. I’m hoping to get the new combat code finished prior to the speed game so signups will open late for this one, likely Thursday evening, keep an eye on the homepage and discord for updates.

There have been quite a few tweaks and changes to the setup since we last spoke for balancing purposes, mostly to restore them back to their ‘with food’ values, so LC is T1 again, Colony requires fewer workers, as well as one or two other bits and pieces.

I’ve placed a changelog The big Beta list of changes <-- there.

Turns will begin on Friday, the 20th November at 20:00 DGT (Game Time), and will run until 18:00 DGT on Sunday the 22nd.

Cya there!