Suggesting - old issues - dupes & sharing

Yes, yet another thread.
No apologies.

This is a long lasting ‘issue’ that has never been fully addressed.

  • Duplicate accounts: for those of you who don’t know: Duplicate accounts were often created for one of the following reasons:
    => to prepare planets for invasion with your main account
    => to have an account to perform planet scans with early in the round
    => to infiltrate other alliances

Account sharing was “less” of an issue. But i have knowledge of entire alliances sharing their logins (often in EU-US time based “pairs”) so the alliance could go full force in case of an attack.

I have no clue as to how to resolve these issues. But I did want to put them up here just to make sure that everybody is aware that these (might) exist and to see if we can come up with a workaround.

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The only thing that comes to mind is making some kind of ‘honor policy’ for when people join, that they’re requested not to do it and that if they’re caught doing it anyway, then they’ll be kicked/banned?

I suspect the mods and creators can see IP addresses. Best thing would probably be to report suspected cases of that to them.

I concur account abuse used to be a massive issue and desperatley needs to be addressed. Recommend MFA to a mobile app to stop account sharing, mandatory on every login. Not sure how to stop duplicate accounts.

That would run into a ton of privacy issues for a lot of countries I’m afraid. Not sure if it can be organized properly on a budget.

Public IP’s can only get you so far.
If any of your co-workers plays as well and you connect from work => bang you get a hit on different accounts being accessed from the same IP.
What if you want your son/daughter/spouse/hubby to join? Same issue.

That’s why I said report. Then it becomes incumbent among the mods to investigate. To me, the first logical step of that would be to ask questions. Like if multiple people play from the same place. Or just look at patterns.

This is a big concern to me, because I often turn on the VPN on both my PC and my phone, and while on the PC I use Firefox for pretty much everything, on the phone I constantly hop from Chrome to Brave to DuckDuckGo (and not Firefox). So if you think the solution is to remember to turn it off, you can forget about it, because I do forget about it, and will only realise when I turn on youtube and get an advert in a foreign language. So relying on my memory just won’t work.

Regarding public PCs, some of you might not know this, but 15 years ago (maybe more, I can’t remember right now), nUP was about to break when Melkor said internally he would quit. A few of us rallied behind a united dinner in a restaurant in Lisbon that we could all afford, and then walk to a café nearby with internet PCs to rent, so that we wouldn’t miss any turns when the queues would run out after dinner. This was a resounding success, and it really united us like we really needed it.
I’m not sure anyone would still need to do it now that we all have phones with bucketloads of internet allowances on top of wi-fi hotspots for anyone who did run out of internet allowance, but it does go to show that sharing a PC doesn’t mean cheating at all. On top of that I don’t know how universities are doing these days, but all of our university students also used to share computers between classes.

So by all means think things through, account duplicates and account “baby-sitting” is definitely a problem in Dark Galaxy, always was, and it definitely deserves everyone’s attention and concern, but we’re also living in the age of VPNs, so if all we have is a player’s IP geographical location, this game will be overrun by cheaters in just a few months after it goes public again, and we lost.