Suggestion - Alliance Marking

sintelion :

talking about alliance interface and such - a way to “mark” planets on the map would be great (in a way that alliance members can see those)

[ 14:07 ] sintelion :

with probably different marks such as “targets” from leaders and “claims” from regular players

[ 14:07 ] sintelion :

we had that sorted in separate interface, but ingame would be nice

[ 14:07 ] sintelion :

(not sure if anyone has suggested that before)

[ 17:20 ] [ONU] HackDreams :

Very useful

[ 17:21 ] [ONU] HackDreams :

I remember to travel to a colonice a planet and then one clueless of my alliance had colonized it

[ 17:27 ] Ingus :

That sounds reasonable sint but just wonder how the server will handle the extra data points

[ 17:30 ] [ONU] HackDreams :

Easy to say, difficult to program

[ 17:34 ] Ingus :

If you could log a claim in alliance section then it would highlight on a scan for alliance members or if they put coords in give a warning until colonised

Just to clarify @HackDreams (and sint, who’s not yet with us here), is this suggesting a separate page as part of the alliance section, in which alliance leaders / admins (or everyone?) can put in a planet coord, and end up with a list of them under a specific category?

Just trying to picture this in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, for example to avoid what I said or at least try it. Will be useful to coordinate massive atack. This last rounds we did in our own forums, do in the alliance section will be more easy ( a lot of members didn’t use fourms usually)

Well I think there are 3 options really.

  1. Show on the main nav in yellow when an alliance member is moving at an uncolonised planet with and outpost ship in fleet. Easier to see but might be an issue server side.

  2. Similar to above but have it so on fleet screen it shows a warning message if you try to queue a fleet to an uncolonised planet when someone is already heading there from your alliance with an outpost in the fleet. You can still queue there even with the warning.

  3. Have some kind of mini-nav in the alliance section that people can highlight with a planet they want, take out planet images etc and just have a simple grid with a free/claimed/colonised colour scheme. Once a point is taken the planet is highlighted as colonised and it can’t go back to being free.

As an extension the last option means an alliance could use the claim option to partially plan attacks. With a functional in game forum attacks etc should be ok. Last forum setup was too basic to be that useful.

I know we used to have something similar as what Ingus is describing as point 3, as a seperate tool.

worked really well, people could input scans, and look for/ claim planets, which where then marked so all other players could see it was “taken”.

a database for scans within an alliance would be super handy.

i like option 3, more easy to develop and more work “for the members of the alliance to be cordinated”

Yes, I think all the major alliances had these tools.
Basically you parsed the html source of the scan result page and the tool saved the planet scans into proper format and then you had a planet reservation UI.

I think shared scans might be too much of hand holding, but I would rather see no need for 3rd party tools from the beginning. So maybe some alliance wide bookmarks with just space for short messages.