Suggestion - Balancing Colonisation

Thought on balancing early game. What if upon initial colonisation you get half the build time for a certain number of turns.

[ 13:02 ] Ingus :

Eg a 1p will get 10 turns, a 5p will get 50.

[ 13:03 ] Ingus :

1p still the best to go for but does mean that in the early stage someone taking a 4 or 5p isn’t hit so hard by difference in income and could be ahead for a little while

[ 13:45 ] Ragabash :

maybe easier to increase buildtime based on the amount of owned planets instead of on the actual planet type? (planet-upkeep?)

[ 14:01 ] sintelion :

I think it might not be a bad idea to have “better” planets take slower to build - you might even go as far as make the building time depend on the % of the particular resource (i.e. on a 90% metal planet, a metal mine would take longer than on a 60% planet)

[ 14:01 ] sintelion :

it would need to be thought/balanced/tested though, it can easily make the early game mess

[ 17:08 ] Ingus :

My thought was just to speed up that initial colonisation phase to try and level it slightly for people without build lists etc so being bit more behind wont hurt as much

[ 17:10 ] Ingus :

How about a left field idea which could go in now. I dont think it would be useful for multis but go back to old style systems for hps, 2 other planets but all protected

[ 17:10 ] Ingus :

Everyone has a base to work from then even if they get hw’d at some point

Inspired by the mention in the Tutorial Phase topic, to make the first X turns more interesting and allowing for various strategies, I would suggest something like introducing various levels of colony ships, with the first possibly being build without a shipyard, versus waiting to get a better ship or rather build up your first planet first.

So the basic colony ship would give you only a minimum population and no buildings, while the default colony ship would give your planet some basic buildings. This could also be scaled to later levels, where at higher level shipyards, you can get even better initial setups for planets.

Might tie in with the concept I read elsewhere on the forum, to have harder to reach / hostile planets closer to the center of galaxy, so you can still expand later in the game.

I think you guys are making this too complicated.
To give inexperienced players less of a disadvantage:
just increase the values for the homesystem planet.
The better the homesystem planet compared to the other planets in the galaxy the less of a disadvantage it is when not expanding.
This would also speed up the initital fase as critical resource levels are reached faster.

Regarding avolendi’s idea:
these options already exist: you can either send a lone outpost ship or you could send an outpost with a freighter containing population and resources, which greatly improves the speed at which the colonised planet transforms into a juice producing candyrock.

Regarding the initial suggestion: this will greatly promote the invasion of players their first planets, which is a really bad thing for inexperienced players.