Suggestion - Browser notifications of DG

Hi there …

Would be awesome to have browser notifications to warn us a build is done , or we have been atacked when we didnt notice … u get the point i think … i know ppl use diferent browsers … but u could check witch one maybe chrome or firefox is the only supported and ppl would have to use that to get notifications … just an ideia / suggestion

Keep up the good work

Something like this might come a long once the game is running and an app is released so that it isn’t browser dependent.

Think this would be very useful for speedgames. Regular games, maybe not as much.

Maybe just a different color/highlight when a planet/fleet has an empty queue? Would be easier to implement.

Planet filters (once fixed) should be able to help with that, they include things like ‘not building, not producing’ etc as options, will help more easily highlight those situations

I have to say with a maximum planet amount of 30 (endgame) I wouldn’t put this super high on the to do list. 30 Planets used to be easy to manage.

The suggestion itself is good though!

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I actually think this could be a really cool feature, especially if implemented as part of a PWA with a service worker etc. and using the browser’s built in notifications or push notifications.

I can totally see myself queueing a fleet movement and ticking an extra box to saying Notify me when this fleet arrives.

You certainly wouldn’t want this on everything by default, but for select user chosen actions I think it would be very useful. It’s also the type of feature that could fall into Premium member territory. Certainly wouldn’t provide any strategic advantages but is a nice quality of life improvement.