Suggestion: diplomatic stance

Would be nice to be able to flag alliances as hostile or allied or neutral(default) and have radar/navscreen colored accordingly.

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good idea, would like to have such a feature. it was always hard to see whos a friend :slight_smile:

Maybe even have some ingame consequences like no killing each other’s ships.
Also, make alliances visible to other alliances. This way everybody knows what’s going on.

I wont have in-game consequences for breaching the ‘flags’, people accidentally sending fleets to a NAP location does cause a bit of immersive gameplay, was it intentional? was it not? creates an interesting dynamic between alliances.

Definitely got this on the list under the alliance job though.

I solved this by keeping everyone as enemy, all nicely coloured red on radar already.

But yea, good suggestion, helpful for sure.

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I justbl wanted the colors. Nothing more complicated :slight_smile: