Suggestion - Longer Build Queues/Less Predatory Gaming Style

I used to play when I was 13/14 and had to set my alarm for the middle of the night to sneak downstairs and queue up another metal mine or whatever.Hopefully this time around the game won’t be as difficult to play for those of us that have lives, don’t want to set alarms for 3:30am and provide longer build queues.

Games these days that require you to log in daily or lose out are considered to be pretty toxic and predatory. I’ll use Magic The Gathering: Arena as an example. This URL from Destructoid covers it nicely.

The Arena daily XP caps basically meant that if you didn’t log in every day, everyone who did would get ahead and leave you behind without the possibility of catching up. This is exacly how Dark Galaxy used to be. Allowing users to log in every second/third day would be totally fine in my view.

“Allowing users to log in every second/third day would be totally fine in my view.”
Unless you want to play “Dark Galaxy Farmer” this will not be sufficient.
One of the key features of a successful alliance is the ability to respond to threats.
Which means keeping an eye on the radar. Which means checking in on a regular basis.

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That’s the user’s loss, and activity levels for alliances are for alliances to work out amongst themselves. The game supporting longer build queues for your average players and alliance members that are out of the country for a few days is not going to be game breaking, nor have any negative impact on more active players. User’s progress shouldn’t be punished for not being able to access an internet connection for 48 hours. If they get invaded in that time, it’s hard luck.

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That is absolutely true.

you can spend research to get a longer queue already. I dont see the problem. you might lag behind a bit at start, but can still get a plenty interesting round catching up and fighting your own fights.

Besides if you dont want to play actively you shouldnt be persuing top spots anyways

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@Phaedrus I wouldn’t say that wanting to be less disadvantaged with less regular play equals wanting or expecting to get a top spot. People who are more active still have more advantages, as has been pointed out with response times. So if you go into Gal 1 being semi active, you’re still taking risk.

I’m often also semi active, but it’s still a game and it’s nice if you can participate more without first diverting research into just playing. Though I admit that for 48h, the research option is still good as is, imho.

Since it would be a way that levels the playing field more, I’d also prefer the default queue being more than it is. For example 6*, so that you’d have a minimum of 24h to build with 4h structures. Researching more would then still be nice if you have limited time, but it wouldn’t be a thing you need to do instantly in order to stick to a once a day rhythm.

* Default was 4 now, I think?

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Original Queue Limit was 3, which was definitely too low I’ve increased it to 4 for now…

I’ve also increased the initial PL from 4 to 6, and fleet limit from 6 to 9.

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