[SUGGESTION] Open Source the Manual

I’m pretty sure there would be lots of volunteers to help bring back, develop the manual.

I was thinking. How about open sourcing it on Github? We can then all submit our pull requests etc to get this off the ground.


good idea :slight_smile: (20 characters and so)

That’s an idea I can get behind! +1

Definitely not opposed to this, how do we want the manual to be presented? Several markdown pages? or something else?

Maybe include a manual to help the manual. either way, great idea!

I’ve opened a github repo for the manual, I’m in the process of writing something that will pull the pages in, format them, and present them on darkgalaxy.com.

They’ll primarily use extended markdown, but the reason I want to handle them myself, is that I might end up adding some custom fields (such as for resources / other) in the future to ease it.

This makes the process relatively simple, submit updated through pull requests (or some other method, via the manual forum, for example), and they’ll get added to the repo, which will auto update the manual.

I’ll make an official announcement once everything is up and running.

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I think it would be nice, If it pulled some data from the game itself. Like resource costs etc.

Wikis have a bad tendency to fall out of date.

Markdown sounds good to me.

EDIT: I’ve also used Hugo before, which is nice because it accepts Markdown and compiles to HTML. You just need to write the main template.

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Hugo is really good.

I personally use Hugo + Netlify for most of my development.

Also with something like Hugo, you can create shortcodes too that can be used in the markdown.