Suggestion - Repeat function for ship yard

since at endgame you tend to have pop constraints rather than resource constraints, a repeat function in the shipyard could be helpful I think.

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Are you referring to repeating the creation of ships?

It is a suggestion to auto queue ships and by extension soldiers. Eg if you know your planet can produce 100 fighters every 4 turns, you can repeat queue the planet to produce 100 fighters every 4 turns.

I am so for this one, especially in speed games where, when you go to sleep, you hoard up to massive amounts of resources that (unless you abuse traders) take a lot of hassle to process into ships/soldiers.

Not opposed to it, I’ve added it as an improvement to the list.

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thank you frosty😘 …

If this would works like trader queues, does that mean you could queue multiple items?

And would this perhaps also be interesting to have on planets, for the same reason?

Though it would detract from the usefulness of researching queue limits, it still seems like a good quality of life improvement :slight_smile: