Suggestion - Replacement Structures

Currently we have lost some structures from the old game, gained one and appear to have potentially redundant ones

Redundant - Jump Gate and Beacon.
Previously you had to research these and so availability was delayed. Now they are available early on and quite cheap.
Suggestion - merge then to create Jump Beacon and put it behind Metropolis. Reduces travel to one end to 25% for you and allies, at both ends it reduces travel to 50% for you and allies.

Addition - Boosters.
Bring these back in and put them into the research queue, maybe after strips or just before
Cap total planet abundances at 150% so in Gal 1 won’t really be worth it most of the time due to space usage but would help close the gap in the outer gals a little.
Not sure how to add energy booster into research, maybe just make it available after Metropolis or create energy research which would create something else to spread research points over.

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How would you determine which end got the 25% reduction in travel time?

No need, you travel from a to b.
none have beacon, 8 turns
either a or b has beacon, 6 turns
both have beacon, 4 turns.

obviously fictive numbers, and the planet with a beacon must belong to you or an alliance member of your alliance.

Tbh I just had a brainstorm and had to write it down as I was going somewhere but Phae is correct. It already works in practice this would simplyfie things for people without any real detriment to the gameplay.

Quoting this for future reference :smile:

A beacon sounds like something you can navigate towards to speed things up, so having one at the destination planet should provide a benefit, having one at the location you leave should be irrelevant. That’s where Jump Gates come in. Having one on both sides give you the gate and thus the speedup.

I don’t disagree with having both as such but having 2 structures you have to build that do basically the same job I think is now less relevant than maybe it used to be since there is no research cost and they are cheap but I wouldn’t consider reverting back to how they were because thar will punish some players more than others.

Plus the new name moves away from being too close to obvious things.

I fail to see any benefit from these proposals. I don’t understand the point of changing the gameplay, since that is changing with the game people know and love.
I also don’t understand how “that will punish some players more than others.” Ingus.

By the way, what are boosters? I don’t remember those.

Firstly boosters increased output by 50% for which ever abundance you wanted to increase so I am suggesting capping at 150%. In Gal 1 this may not make a huge difference to some planets that it would be worth time building them, on others it will help a bit. Outside of Gal 1 the benefits will be felt more and that 72% in Gal 36 isn’t so bad anymore and aids with possible movement of people into Gal 1 from outside.

As for the travel structures my view is that the setup is more complicated than needed when there is no research requiredand so it is better to have 1 structure to explain to people that does the job of the 2 now.

I believe it adds the fact that it is more obvious to new players and alliances that it benefits everyone they are playing with allowing focus on other parts of the game. Rather than having to explain why X only helps alliance and only at both but Y only helps you where you are going but you need both to have the maximum reduction…