Suggestion - Robots

[ONU] HackDreams :

Get robots back to defend and build the building of the planets

15 July 2019

[ 22:21 ] pro314 :

Round 3 was the last time robots existed I thibk

[ 22:25 ] [ONU] HackDreams :

Yes, and gave the game another interesting opportunity of defend and build a planet

Thanks Ingus. Let’s bring back robots!

The main idea of robots the first time around was to have something for if you ran out of food (and a little better at defence), with food out of the equation in favour of stable pop growth there is a question of need.

As it stands, the engine wouldn’t support robots in it’s current state, so would need some reworking to make that a feature, but I’m not opposed to it.

I’m open to discussion on this though, probably wont be present for our first round, but can be something thought is put into.


you are right, i hate to build a lot of habitats or Living Quaters to have to much popuplation to defend planets, or build a lot of hydroponic labs to get food for 100k-200k population also, so having robot would make another way to defend planets. leaving on planets is boring and useless to :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m wondering what exactly the scenario is that robots should be solving. Since it seems like Robots should either add something to the mix A) or work as an alternative supplement to the population for another good reason B). Otherwise it seems like it’s rather an issue with the mechanic of population, food and soldiers.

So what are the benefits of workers? Are there benefits to a large population other than defense and (if I recall correctly) certain building requirements? Since it may be that increasing the value of having a lot of workers solves the issue as well, since it would make the investment worthwhile C).

A) If robots are better at defending and don’t require a habitat, then the initial cost will be the balancing factor on whether to increase workers or robots for your total population.
An alternative (not sure if this was used) would be that robots can only be build after a special building is constructed and they would be balanced through the building cost + no default growth versus terrain/space allocation + default growth.
This balance actually does not factor in defense, which would suggest the price should be quite high for X workers vs X robots, since at later stages the time needed to reclaim terrain and build habitats should be factored into the balancing equation. With that in mind it seems robots are already preferable later in the game than workers, since time is also a cost and it likely costs more to get the terrain and habitats then the robots cost.
It still is interesting to have robots in this way, as potentially nullifying habitats late game could be an interesting bonus to high level planets, though it seems there should then still be a bonus to keep spending resources on more population, rather than just going directly for soldiers if it is for defence.

B) If Robots use power instead of food, then this could allow for them to function similarly to workers, but using an alternative resource which might be more desirable on a given planet. In this scenario, they should not be better at defending.

C) Another option would be to make the expenses made for growing your population more worthwhile.

  • Production bonus? Maybe tie that to the population tied buildings? (Like the metropolis or what it was called?)
  • Population requirements for special buildings (think that was done via the main population buildings, like the metropolis?). Such as the strip mines, but maybe also scaling further? Maybe allow assigning them to some end-tier buildings that allows your population (surplus) to become a dynamic bonus to a resource?
    To allow for a reward when people choose to specialize more to fewer planets. As an alternative rather than being better or worse (that’d probably be decided by the quality of the planets, making first come first serve still worth it)

I suppose really you would convert the army barracks into a general training option and increase the ground space used to 4.

Ideally the robots would use less housing 10:1 for instance and so you have more ground space for resource income. This is important on smaller planets and those with poor abundances where you don’t want to waste ground or orbit space on housing.

To train soldiers you still need actual workers.

I would not have a difference in combat values or score value for workers or robots on the basis that you would be able to have planets just full of robots.

Largely if you are going to invade someone you probably have enough soldiers to do so. Defending with workers, robots or soldiers isn’t really a good option and so adding in robots is more about easier planet management for people.