Suggestion - Viewing Building Production/Capabilities

Not sure if this is something in the works or has been brought up before. I browsed this section and didn’t see it so I thought I would mention it.

I noticed that when you hover over “Metal Mine” in the “Available Structures” list a bubble pops up with how much this will increase the production by on that planet; however, something like “Living Quarters” doesn’t provide information on how much it will increase the planet’s population limit.

I would be interested in seeing a separate column in the “Available Structures” list that listed the additional resources a given structure would provide. It seems odd to me that the solar generator is the only one that actually displays its production value, when, to be consistent, the energy producing structures should have a 0 or – in the “energy cost” column and its production should be listed separately.

Additionally, for structures like the Launch Site or Ship Yard, while a column including what these do probably wouldn’t be feasible, clicking on it or hovering the mouse over it should bring up a bubble with what it does and/or what it allows production of.