TGP Declares Minor Combat

Well thought would bring it up to date with a war video rather than long post.

[](TGP War)

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Nice song. I remember to dance that in my young times.

The quality of DoWs this round is steadily improving. GL and HF to both sides.

(anyone scream GANGBANGERS, please)

Takin back them streets.

That’s it. Coming in hot to ALLL teh planetz like dis

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Game on :stuck_out_tongue:

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had a predrop after this one, but will refrain from posting it

will plop more stuff here when I have some

damn your g1 rocks are cheap :scream:
Almost makes me want to go back to the game to take em :rofl:


planet still under my controll, atleast for a couple more turns
updates follow

will edit when the planet gets invaded :stuck_out_tongue:

as promised:

Not anymore lowie.

But I got deadsied a bit. Some nice moves TGP.