The American dream is over. CCPC brings BLB back to reality

Dear BLB Leader / Darkgalaxy community

We know that having a farm in North Dakota where you spend your days quietly is the dream of a lot of people (who wouldn’t like to see his/her mineral, metal and energy growing by the day!), but in CCPC we believe that sometimes some action is convenient so we don’t forget the cruel world we live in. Thus, as a gentle reminder of the dangers out there, we have decided to bring a bit of disturbance to those bucolic farming worlds in which BLB people are placidly spending their days. This obviously means that we officially DECLARE WAR to BLB, even though we are way lower in the ranking (we like challenges and we hope you like them too).

Let the action begin!

Here we see the members of BLB posing with pride after spending the whole day farming.


Have fun anyone :slight_smile: And hail the Bunnies

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Can’t y’all just unDOW us? I have no intrest in taking more inner gal planets :man_facepalming:

Leader of BLB here.

Sir we are yet simple farmers. We enjoy sunrises, sunsets our family and crops.

I have nothing but respect for you war heroes out there fighting everyday.

We live simple lives in these farmlands. Most of our civilians have never been off planet let alone seen any war ships.

If we must fight then let us grab our shovels our pickaxes and hoes. We will kiss our loved ones goodbye. We will say farewell to our farm and life.

We don’t look at this as a war because we do not know war. Instead let us dance, sway, dip and bow. Let us show you how well farmers can dance.

We know no hate. If you grow tired of our dance then we will consent to stop. Let us not see each other as enemies but instead partners in this gala. Now take each others hand and swirl.


Lets then dance until the song is over.


I think I saw the fat lady sing

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It is with great sadness that we offer to surrender. We ask to end this war. We have fields to mend. Please accept our surrender we are but mere farmers.

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Fight till the LAST fighter!!!

??? :roll_eyes:

Please post some BRs :slight_smile: I know there was a massive battle :slight_smile:

This one was the biggest and most painful one…
Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 09.06.06

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Lets not talk about the current battle code :wink:

The first battle we got, loads of flies in these farm

Very interesting, so CCPC is in war againts BLB
BLB change name to FU with same members, so in papers war continue
CCPC invade a planet in 1.70.2 from FU

DE join the party an attack CCPC to invade that planet killing aswell some reinforcements we were bringing for our own war.

Good job DE, hope you feel proud of interfering in a same size war between two alliances…

Next time, at least be more honorable and declare war on us

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Skavanger, you entered a DE-System ETA 15 and we didn’t kill your stuff at that time, being told you wouldn’t invade the planet.
We could have stopped you immediately. We only needed to send 200 cruisers to kill your stuff before arrival at Gal1.
Next time you might want to ASK before kicking in the door like that? If we wanted to kill you, you wouldn’t have gotten to that planet at all.

Im glad you know how to make calcs to kill a small fleet.
So let me understand, We need to ask permission to DE to attack a planet from an Alliance we are in war with?

Maybe the one that should ask or warm the other is the one that is interfering in someone else business, which in this case seems to be DE

What is the difference between FU having that planet or CCPC?? Ohhh I think I found the answer…Mehtevas who took our planet is a follower of FU and its leader :slight_smile:

Best of luck for the remaining of the round

We really don’t need some weaklings in our territories providing an easy entry spot for an enemy. Therefore it would have been quite nice, to ask for some right of passage. Every other alliance would just have went for the easy combat score killing your entry fleets.

CCPC confirms that we will cease all attacks again BLB(FU) since now. This war is over from our side.

We ask BLB (FU) to confirm they accept the end of it officially

Weirdest war since UP vs Borg