The big Beta list of changes

These are the general changes which have happened since the last beta, it should be noted that most of these have come from general feedback, so I haven’t had the opportunity to implement too many new or exotic features. After the last beta it was relatively clear that some things were working, and others weren’t, hopefully these help remedy some of the issues (I’m gonna get to research eventually, I promise).

  • Re-Introduced Food
  • Population Growth occurs at a 100:1 Food:Workers ratio
  • Population Will die at a similar rate if starved
  • Reduced the number of farms on a homeworld from 2 to 1
  • Soldiers Require 10 Food
  • Colony Cost Reduced from 80,000 to 50,000 Workers
  • Leisure Centre Now available at T1
  • Hospital Now Available at T2
  • Leisure Centre and Hospital now increase pop growth rate by 0.5% each
  • All Structures can now be destroyed, Workers will immediately die if there’s insufficient storage.
  • ‘Difficulty’ Factor removed from Scores, they’re now once again resource cost based (I’ll review this later).
  • Non-Combat Ships only receive a 2x score multiplier, rather than 3x.
  • ‘Combined’ Score in testing, will eventually replace individual scores for Combat / Resources
  • Added ‘Sectors’ to the galaxy, making all coordinates 4 parts in length
    • Base In-System travel times set to 8 Turns
    • Base In-Sector travel times set to 12 Turns
  • Rebalanced abundances (G = Ground, O = Orbit, R = Resource):
    • Gal 1: G: 65-80, O: 55-60, R: 70-100
    • Inner Ring: G: 55-80, O: 45-60, R: 55-100
    • Outer Ring: G 45-80, O: 45-60, R: 40-100
  • Added a (albeit crappy) box on the fleet page to show where the fleet is
  • Fixed Fleet queues to ‘process all that is possible, as fast as possible’, to prevent multiple queue items from taking multiple turns.
  • Empty Invasion Ships will no longer be destroyed on invasion attempt
  • Invasions will now leave 20% of resources behind, up from 10%

There are probably a couple more I’ve forgotten, I’ll update this list when I find them!


Dammit Craig! I was just hoping to start trying this ‘sleep’ thing everyone keeps raving about! Oh well, it’ll have to wait a few more months I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: things that maybe should be on the list: did you get around to implementing superplanets?


I didn’t implement super planets, instead went with the abundance changes to see how they would play instead.

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What is the philosophy behind the reintroduced food Frosty? Just asking before I throw around opinions about it. Feels sluggish compared to when grandpa Yoeri played and a farm gave 1x abundance and consumption was 1:1000.

Same goes for reproduction, occupied workers don’t count. What is the design choice to make it like that?

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I’m probably going to drop a post detailing food in it’s current state, the numbers I’m using came from the last setup XML I had for food, but obviously things need a little tweaking at the moment, and Occupied Workers draw some engine issues which are difficult to resolve right now.