The Diplomacy Center

I was posed with the idea that all of these big alliances out and about from the get go is not necessarily a good thing. makes things not to single player friendly. My thought was to have a Diplomacy Center that would need both the Ship Yard and Colony to be built and would need resources similar to the Colony to construct. This would add a great new dynamic to the game and make it not be just about being in a big alliance. You could also have the Diplomacy Center upgrade-able by members of the alliance donating resources to upgrade fleet size and other features like increased travel speed or other bonuses.

So my thought was this:

Requirements: Colony, Ship Yard, 60k metal, 40k mineral, 80k workers
Function: Allow for the creation of an Alliance and allow alliance members to take part in coordinated battles and to allow for alliance NAPs.

Start: All special features Upgrade-able through members resource donations

Alliance Fleet Size: 4 fleets max in any coordinated attack. +2 per upgrade
Alliance Travel Speed: -1 Hour per upgrade, max -6 hours.
Alliance Fleet Battle Bonus: Bonus to attacks on fleets.
Alliance Invasion Bonus: Bonus to invasions.

I’m sure there could be more, but this would be a resource expenditure that players would need to sacrifice for the alliance rather than use for their personal gains.

Oh well, in a “serious” round the major alliances don’t start out as one big pack anyhow but usually as small teams of 3-4 players. And coordination can easily be done outside the game (especially as there is nothing in the game to organize anything so far), so I don’t really see the usability of this suggestion.

Uh, this game is NOT supposed to be played alone, ever. This is very much a team game, and the lone wolf if often the first to suffer the consequences from straying away from the pack.

It’s about as crazy an idea as my “trading post” proposal. Not necessarily bad ideas, but they would make DG a different game.