The Final Alpha - December 27th

Firstly, apologies for my somewhat absence recently, life’s been moving pretty quickly, lots of stress from various places, everything’s finally coming back into alignment, so I’m going to be putting some time back into DG.

The plan is to run a full-length beta starting mid-January lasting three months with 1 hour turns, but to close out 2019, running a final speed-game style alpha just to confirm the polishing done to combat and addition of combat score is something I’d like to run.

I’m hoping to tidy off the work on mail before the alpha, but there’s no guarantee there (the code is mostly done, but a lot of plumbing needs to happen) so it may be a bit buggon. The main reason for a long beta is so that I can start doing polishing, and planning the mobile interface. From a general game perspective, most features are in and complete, and seem to be working well so a ‘full game’ experience will at least allow everyone to play the game the way it’s meant to be played, with some Quality of Life changes and fixes being done as the round goes on.

So, for the final alpha, 1 minute turns starting at 20:00 Dark Galaxy Time on the 27th of December, and finishing at 18:00 on the 29th. I encourage as many people as possible to give it a go, combat score is in so there’s something else there to attain!

I’ll give another forum post a little closer to the start date, let you all know when signups are ready to go, if you’re not able to make it, have an excellent Christmas / Holiday / New Year period, and I’ll catch you in the new year!

All the best,