The First Turns!

Greetings, salutations and good evening!

The first few turns have been a hell of a ride, the activity and interaction with the community has been amazing and a lot of fun… some people forgot to load Outposts into their fleets, others ticked along well and are on their way to their new home… So after 4 turns where do we stand?

There seems to be an occasional / infrequent issue on the first turn where some fleets weren’t appropriately dispatched, I’m going to be looking deeper into this internally to try and replicate the cause, it’s also demonstrated that I need better logging / debugging during turn updates to catch things that may have gone wrong. Simulating the updates will hopefully give me some better clues as to why this failed for a small handful of people.

There was a small calculation error which was prompting the ‘Turn Updating’ dialog to show randomly when there was no turn interaction, this has now been fixed.

Again, I can’t stress how much I appreciate everyone rejoining to help bring the game back to life, the next few months will be interesting and hopefully point out various remaining bugs and issues. Keep playing, keep testing, and I’ll keep the dialog channels open!

Good Luck, and Have Fun!