Thedtrain Bug Finds

Posting here at Frosty’s request!

  1. Occasional bug with destroy queues-- when low on space/energy (wasn’t able to parse which), queue doesnt recognize space/energy will be freed up and won’t let you queue a building.

  2. Blank fleets still do not get killed in orbit.

  3. Combat bug. VERY strong bombers

  4. Fleet splitting is not possible over non-friendly planets.


i tought i lost a bigger fleet to mostly bombers and fighters :sa:
i guess i was correct !!!

Your battle report looks fine to me at first glance.

THere’s a real problem when a bts can’t kill but one bomber, though

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Yea, not being able to kill a bomber seems like a maths error, I’ll have that double checked.

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It’s just that my bombers are awesome.

Its on energy level I believe. I’ve had multiple succesful destructions and queues when space was required, but if I’m not mistaken with energy it can go wrong.

You’re probably right–I never could figure out precisely how it replicated. I left both because I’d heard deleting land reclamations messed up queues later on and figured they might be tied together.

that could be, I never delete land reclamations I think.

I’ll have to double check 1, I spotted some weirdness there as well… I think the destruction doesn’t count existing free space, so if you have 2 ground and are trying to queue something requiring 4, it won’t let you queue until you have 4 destroys. Might be something similar with energy.

2 is intentional, fleets only get destroyed if they’re involved in combat. Helps prevent confusion during turn updates where them randomly disappearing over owned planets is weird. Although I’ll double check… you could possibly get some stuck on hostile planets after incasion. (I’ll make sure they go away).

3 is fixed, wouldn’t have had a massive impact on combat, it just breaks a single ship in a fleet. TL;Dr the fighter was damaging a bomber, the BTS stopped firing after it killed that damaged bomber.

  1. Will look into that, don’t see any immediate harm in doing so currently.