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So the first round of testing has been completed and has generally gone well.

With bugs being fixed and more testing due the main game could arrive before it was expected to. This leads to the most important question, the community interaction.

My own opinion is that this is one if the most important parts of DG and a lot of that came down to the use of Chatspike with multiple alliance channels where anyone could join, chat, ask for help, get in touch with alliance leaders for NAPs etc.

Currently we are using Discord and while it is shiny and new personally it feels a bit disconnected.

With that in mind I have created this poll to see what people feel is the best option for the community to focus on. The poll will stay open until the first main round starts. If Chatspike wins I suggest we invade it all on the same day o scare the opers awake.

Obviously feel free to post any pros/cons suggestions for IRC clients.

Let the Chattening begin!

Is there a good mobile friendly version of IRC?

The difference today is the rise of mobile use, the game worked really well on my phone and Discord works really well. Back when we did this last time (2012??) I found a android IRC client but it was really clunky.

New players most likely don’t know chatspike and are used to discord. Hence i voted discord for the future of DG.

The most important thing is to keep everything together.
Maybe the most important thing is to provision channels for alliances.
on IRC you just need to create your own channels on the same server and you’re done.
I wonder how tricky it is to do this on discord.

On discord you just create a new server. Hit the + button and the option is there.

Yeah, but with how the layout of Discord is configured you quickly lose oversight.
In addition, you need an invitation for each server. (public relations, alliance pollitics etc…)
While there is also the possibility to create groups on a single discord server with their proper set of channels and permissions.
But here the “manageability” factor plays a part.
So there would have to be a bot to easily manage “alliance groups” with automatic provisioning/deprovisioning.

You can also just post a general invite link on the forums and handle permissions on your own alliance specific discord server just the same.

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There was something beautifully elegant about being able to just hop in to another alliance’s channel on IRC and give them a good flaming as your fleets rain down on their planets. With Discord all that stuff is hidden away, I’m never going to know where any alliance’s public channel is unless I get an invite.

That said, the past is the past and I don’t see IRC making a comeback any time soon, it’s just too antiquated for the younger generation to bother learning. Hell it felt old back when I picked it up 15 years ago - there were already better messaging apps out there and stuff like ‘registering’ your nick through chatspike commands was just a PITA.

If anything is going to replace Discord it would be WhatsApp or something else similar with group messaging facilities, DMs and a modern interface.

Happy to stick with Discord for now!

I like that it’s easier to find groups on IRC and join them, but Discord is easier in some respects. We could always make a master list of groups and post it in a groups channel in DG on Discord? I think there are ways it can be managed.

So I’ve created a discord account… how do I find the place where you are all at? I’m johnnyvdlaar #3097

ps. I kinda like slack as it looks more like irc. With closed channels and an open channel list such that you can find alliances. Only issue is that the free slack has a message limit that we’ll hit extremely fast I guess.


There’s definitely stuff we can do with discord, and the game, to help promote alliances. I may make it possible to ‘register’ alliances outside of the actual game itself, so we can maintain a usefully visible list on the website, in addition, I’ll be adding the functionality for alliances to describe who they are, what they’re about, and potentially allow links out to their various channels / networks as part of the game / alliance list.

I do understand and agree that it’s not amazing right now, but going back to an IRC style of things isn’t the best choice in my opinion. Empowering alliances with the ability to choose exactly how / where they would rather be represented then facilitating access for the players seems like a nicer approach, especially when there’s so much variety these days.

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