These barren lands abandoned

For most of this round the pack has been hunted for its prettiness, angry old men with fleshlights came hunting for that soft fur.

The pack protected its burrows and howled out to attract attention of others who quickly joined in to prevent the angry men from taking our natural beauty.

Slowly but steadily we managed to reclaim some of our hunting grounds. Sadly those protecting natural beauty became blinded by exactly that which they tried to protect. They became greedy and got swayed by the endless lobby for furs.

With the skinning knife firmly in our back, I can make no other decision. The pack is leaving these barren and forsaken lands in search of more fruitful and joyful places.

Surely some game mechanics are still less than optimal, so much is known for some time now. Sadly that is not the biggest issue this game has currently.

Don’t expect free planets, some of our wolves will wander into new ventures, others will turtle up further. For those wandering into new adventures I wish you the best of luck, hopefully you will regain the joy for this game.

Wolfpack out.


Our fleets lie broken, our planets barren, our spirits crushed.

Until the next round, dear friends. :wolf:

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Goodbye Cruel Worlds


+1 for additional drama

I Will miss you. I Hope that Next round you Will hace better luck. GG

Ik zie je volgende ronde wel weer mate. Hopelijk met minder gezeik.

:worried: This makes me sad. I hope to see Wolfpack back next time.


sad to see this. You’ve been awesome throughout the round, the one group I thought would never crack.
I tip my hat, and hope to meet you again in next rounds, may there be many!

WP, I think you had quite an impossible mountain to climb, but I liked how you didn’t give up after the rough start. I hope you managed to have some fun at least.

You guys have been amazing this round. Best of luck next round.

That last part is the sole reason we’re out. Not because of the battles or such, if that was the case we would’ve quit after turn 200 :rofl:

Wolfpack is one the best newbies alliance in DG history. G1 is a little bit to much for you but if you start the next round in the inner circle, I’m sure you will make a nice performance there.


Always had mad respect for the WP gang. Nice round from y’all.

Q, you’re a great player. You’re tactically very knowledgeable.

But when I read posts like that, it makes me wish you wouldn’t look left or right when you crossed the road.

Respect for the good battles and for staying strong till the end. I hope you had at least some fun during the round. See you around.


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… Q has his own way of jocking my friend :slight_smile: that actually means he respects you… You don’t want to know what discussions I need to have with him and Necro when we plan things… after I laugh 10 mins I can start planning stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, you guys are great and we respect you, next round have a better colo strategy and everything is going to be ok.

Good luck.

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Maybe I just wanted to give you a reason to play next round and a small hint about who to fight with :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to point something out that wzsnt statzd by our beloved dictator.

We really enjoyed this first semi-real round.
But at one point we came to realise that after kicking the inactives and another member or extended leave we lacked both the numbers and activity levels to maintain a meaningfull presence as an alliance. The final straw was VoC handing SoL the knife to plant in our backs.

And then you realise that you’re no longer 20yo and that the priorities in our lives are completely different from back in the day. (Wives, kids, social events with friends,…)

Rest assured that while we do have our opinions there are no hard feelings whatsoever.
Not even towards Q and his big â– â– â–  mouth! :stuck_out_tongue:

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