Time travel question

(see below, confirmed not a bug)
I sent one fleet from Planet A in G1, to Planet B in G3. (Fleet AG1)
I sent another fleet from Planet B in G3, to Planet A in G1. (Fleet BG3)

Both planets have a Hyperspace Beacon and Jump Gate.

Fleet AG1’s travel time will take 10 hours.
Fleet BG3’s travel time will take 8 hours.

VoC - Aqui pointed out to me that from G1 to Inner is 20 hours, and Inner to G1 is 16 hours, so that explains the time difference. I guess my question is, should it be this way?

HB plus JG reduces travel time by 50% total, so it looks correct.

The travel times that Frosty originally posted were incorrectly documented. Confusion might be caused if you were looking at the original incorrect info.

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