Transfer between cargo fleets

If you have 2 freighters full with resources, you cannot split the fleet (e.g. transfer 1 freighter + its resources) to an empty fleet.

Currently, you must first unload the freighters, then transfer the empty freighter to a fleet and then load it again.

In addition, the transfer is pretty hidden, didn’t found it at the first time and had to wait 1 more turn by queuing

I can see how this would be a tricky one to manage. How would you want to split it?

All metal in one? All mineral in the other? 50/50 with each? Different for pop and other resources?

There’s a lot of options here, so I can see why the restriction exists. I believe it was this way in the previous code as well.

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Weird, for me it is perfectly possible to transfer part of a fleet to another one including resources. just as long as resources on both ends still fit in cargo at each end.

You sure there was no miscalculation on storage capacity there?

I run into the same issue.

I have 1 fleet with 10 freighters and 500k pop and 1 fleet including a trader with 350k pop. The game doesnt allow me to transfer the trader to the freighter fleet.

Tried with exact numbers and also extremely large numbers; both dont work.

Same kind of thing for me.

I had a fleet with freighters and traders, all full of workers, wanted to move some stuff around so created a new fleet

Could transfer 1 freighter and 50K pop to the new fleet
But could not transfer 1 trader and 350K pop to the new fleet

yea there seems to be an issue with regards to traders indeed, experienced the same.