UP enrols in the Whilibarj Battle School for the Terminally Craven

We at União Portuguesa value education, and value positive behaviours like respect, courtesy, and politeness like everyone else. So when we saw WHOREAL declaring war on the BORG while calling us morons for being “moronically convinced to fight an alliance full of new players”, and then Thedtrain saying “In this way, they have finally managed to break with their country’s tradition of military and football mediocrity of the past century”, it was obvious that we were being insulted. On someone else’s declaration of war.

How bizarre!

But we weren’t really surprised by this. After all, we all know that they think they can say anything and respect nothing. We saw that when EvilT posed as the alliance leader of IGF, when the UP leader asked if their leader was online on Discord. He said “yes, whatsup?”, but in private he didn’t care that his alliance had invaded one of our planets, he was uninterested and aloof.

At first we naively thought that this was just a regrettable interference of a rogue player, but later on we realised that Whilibarj had said on Discord “Thats amazing detective work here in the last 20 minutes”.

He knew.
And he did nothing. Other than making fun of O’Neill of course.

And then the thought occurred: they insult and disrespect us and our country because they believe that being at war with the Borg gives them automatic protection from a war with us. Surely they wouldn’t be that craven???

Ohhh the irony… we’re just about to find out by how much they whine.

UP declares war on WHOREAL.


I rate it 4/10. do better

At least that will be a major change from fighting a noob alliance of 6 members.


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You’re sure that you are attacking the right EvilT this time?

Amazing brain power… took you 8 days to decide if you we’re gonna jump on us? Or just scared and let BORG do all the dirty work for you (@scrughat this is no offense to you guys, you did a fantastic job in a nice war so far).

You too, pity about the “feature” affair, but at least Craig took some measures about this (or is going to take?)

Ty for your words about us…Great battles and no sense sacrifice of fleets from your side all the time made the difrence, to our side.

Its not no-sense. Its maths. Look deeper :slight_smile:

You used a weakness/ window in to the game, You knew it existed and still used it to your advantage. Now you speak about what’s fair and it’s not fair? You are excellent players and alliance. But what you did in the first part of the war you lost using that weakness of the game.

No one talks about fairness.

And the purpose of a beta is to identify bugs and issues, and confirm if they were properly fixed.

You now Willibarj Fleet load/unload between turn updates

You knew about this weakness from the alpha version, but you still used it to your advantage. If I wasn’t complaining you would have kept using this weakness or until they used this weakness against you

you didn’t need to use that weakness of the game, you are excellent players. But you lost what was done during the first part of the war using that weakness

To my eyes your math its not working man. Maybe you make some damage but sending that fleets in difrent times you are simply let us win. It´s like to see you throwing the towell already since a couple of days ago…

Santi I dont think you understand what happened with that mechanic, but it is 100% how the game developers wanted it to work. Its not even a bug, it is something how they choose it to work.

Game admins said that they have no problem with and our purpose is to display that there is no counterplay to it. I understand that you got confused by it, just like Scrughat did when he forgot to invasion scan I. 1.80.9

Scrughat, there is method to madness there.

From a certain perspective we are very efficiently killing your warfleet.

Y’all have been fun, and the war was starting to get pretty exciting. Pity we couldn’t keep sparring a bit longer.

Well, my loreal friends.-
I think the fun stoped,
it seems that the war ended abruptly.-

but I do not know, something tells me that this is not completely over … go find out what the next turns expect.-

chears for the upcoming battles.-

Great Cesar (Juan)

Welcome, it is indeed very obvious that you need whatever schooling we can give you.

I’ll add my compliments to BORG for the fun fights we’ve had so far. Indeed the fights might seem strange to you, yet somehow we always kill more than we lose :kissing_smiling_eyes:
That’s why it’s called the Battle School for the Terminally Craven after all. :slight_smile:

However would be nice if you’ld stop the “hate-spamming” with fighters. it’'s a game, and as ecko pointed out it was intended to behave like that (and now it will be changed because of the commotion it created, so be thankful for that).

Lol… like wtf no :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a bet with Tuisk that you guys would attack us last friday during the night.
Seems I overestimated your capabilities UP. Even worse, I owe Tuisk a beer now.
As for BORG, our war was long from over, the fact that you had to call in reinforcements says enough about how you’re feeling which way this war was going :slight_smile:

you allways lose les than you kill? LMAO!!!

I didnt call a ■■■■. We didnt need backing slapping your a5s already. Its obious we are wining here. UP just did his move killing boring farming and dont look outside. If UP its attacking you its your fault…