Various fleet queue bugs I've discovered

  1. When queueing a repeating transfer exactly at turn update, all other transfers in the queue get wiped. Leaving just movement fleet orders. I’ve been able to reproduce this quite reliably and is quite annoying because the fleet starts moving immediately before you can correct it!

  2. When queueing a load of more than 1 resource at a time, there is some chance the fleet might:

  • Load metal but no other resources (even if capacity to do so)
  • Load nothing
  • Work as expected (queueing each resource individually always works, as far as I can see)

I’ve not managed to work out the pattern to this, but the bug does seem to repeat itself for the same planet and fleet as long as the queue is not altered. i.e. the amount of resources on the planet and capacity in the fleet does not seem to change how it behaves, as far as I’ve seen.

  1. I miss the ‘Unload All’ button :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the first one this seems to be caused by queuing specifically at the time when the update will happen.

It appears to prioritise the fleet move when adding in new items so at the turn it adds the return journey for the movement action rather than adding in 2 items at once. Probably as designed and not really an issue since normally you will be there just after the turn to add something else.

As for loading there does seem to be some issue there.

As per below the queue has actually added more than it was asked to.

Hmm I don’t think #1 is intended behaviour @Ingus. Using your screenshot as an example, after this bug happens to me both the existing Unload and Load lines would be wiped from the queue. I’ll make this happen again and post before and after screenshots.

I think what is happening here is that the Turn Update is manipulating the queue itself by appending the repeating queue order. When this happens in conjunction with an API request to append a new queue item there’s some sort of race condition occurring.

Well given the limited queues I have run not seen the issue but nobody else seems to have mentioned it so far.

Interestingly I now have 1 metal stuck in the freighters but not increasing but that might be related to a fix from the pre-alpha for something else.

I’ve had similar issues. especially with queues such as move to xxx repeat, load 999 met 999 min repeat, move to yyy repeat, unload 999 met 999 min repeat. gets worse if you do a roundabout back and forth to multiple planets.

Changing the values for each load unload helped solve it for me. and I could make em dissappear using the move up and down function. all with same numbers would vanish.

Thanks all, I’ll take a look into this, I’m guessing there’s something that’s preventing me from handling the queues in certain cases, which is causing them to clear.

There’s obviously something going weird on the engine side here, it might have been spitting out an error which I wasn’t checking for.

I’ve thrown in some code in to hopefully provide useful error messages if / when this happens, should make things a little easier to track down.

Thanks for the reports, most problems were caused by being able to clear the queue during a turn update (but not being able to add back), which was resolved last alpha.

As far as I’m aware, all that’s left broken there is that overly aggressive storage checks can completely prevent loading / unloading and block the queue, so will look at those next.

I’ve done a crapload more tweaks to the way transfers work to try and give them some more reliability and consistency, can you give them a poke during the next alpha to see if general problems still exist?