VoC - my half finished summary of a life as VOC leader

Thanks to Tomasnz for the fantastic title :smiley:
This post started as a reaction to the DE-ROF warthread. Instead, it became an attempt to tell the story from our perspective without accusations or toxin. Here goes.

We started VoC a handful of days before this round started, and semi-randomly recruited a bunch of the guys that were still looking. Starting the round, I had a bunch of talks with other alliance leaders, and us, WP and DE agreed to take on S0L together. S0L came out swinging, and started hammering WP. VoC wasn’t ready yet, but we scambled and started hitting them too. DE did the same. ESRI jumped on the bandwagon not really invited, but none of us minded. S0L and WP were both getting a kicking from superior forces, and the rest of us were farming. Cracker (DE) undertook a valliant attempt to re-align the alliances and give everyone a fitting dancing partner. As it turned out, this deal had too many moving parts, and when Scrughat (BORG) declined, the whole thing fell apart and we all went back to the same beatdowns.

Now S0L was taking a beating, and pivoted to VoC. We had a few glorious days of back and forth combat, and had there not been the drain on S0L by the other alliances, we would have lost that probably. As it was, we lost ground at a slow rate, and gained some back elsewhere. It was fun.

Then ROF jumped in. We got hammered, and lost about 25 planets in a day. There was just no point to trying to scramble anything.
And now we looked to those other allies. When we scrambled to attack S0L and take the heat off WP, it came with the hope that DE would do this same thing with ROF now. Without boring everyone with details or who said what when, it turned out DE and ROF went into the round telling eachother they would not go to war, because they had done that already. This changed things.

So, into my keyboard I went, asking ROF and DE to reconsider this pointless war. I made no direct demands, only that we’d find a way as alliances to stop ganging up the way we have been. To my discredit, I was rather surprised when DR opted to honor the request, disengage, and find a solution that was more fun for everyone involved. He asked me to sit tight, and went off to hammer out the above deal with DE. I was not a part of those talks. Some parts of all this suck for us even now, but i’ve heard somewhere that if you make a deal where nobody walks away happy, you know it was a good deal :slight_smile:

The VoC will sail on, and we’ll make the commitment to not get ourselves into unlosable wars.

During the many, many discussions i had getting to this point, a few things stood out to me, that I think need to be addressed before we can start seeing healthy, fun rounds of DG:

  1. the current layout and mechanics lead to a meta of two powerblocks where both blocks beat down on one of the alliances, and the others don’t get attacked at all. Every single person I talked to over the past few days agreed with this analysis (it’s pretty obvious too), and everyone hates it.
  2. the community is fragmented to a breaking point. We are friendly with some, enemies with others, and hardly talk outside that circle. Because of this, we wave away our own mistakes, perceive evil intent with the enemy, and what should otherwise be funny flame wars end up being bitter, entrenched accusation marathons.
  3. we, as a community, are mostly unable to form new groups out of old ones, and unable to play as smaller groups than the ones we’ve already formed. The alliance limit is mostly ignored. I sincerely hope we learn to form teams and have them fight friendly matches, because as it is, the ROF family of friends extends too wide, and basically eclipses everything else out there. There simply isn’t a bunch large enough to fight all of it, and even if, as an outside alliance, we were to fight one part of it, sooner or later the others always join in to make sure they can’t lose.

I dont have answers to the above, but I really hope we can get together and address these.


A nice thread and a good overview of many things that happened this beta as well as many of the problems. I do hope the introduction of sectors and food in the next beta would address at least some of the problems. I wouldn’t judge the community so hard, many of us are meeting friends that we haven’t seen in 10 years, it’s natural that some old habits, alliances, and rivalries are restored. Let’s see if we can do better than that in the future.


I now already said it 10 times, we didn’t looked for unfair fights… We always tought that voc and esri will attack us and not SOL. We don’t like to kill people without fighting back, we want to have fun, thats why we play this game and thats WHY we accepted to fight DE + ESRI now, even if we loose or not we are going to have fun I’m sure. It’s a beta, we don’t care if we win or not… and I really don’t give a ■■■■■ if anyone belives me or not. Have a great day and cheers Xtra :slight_smile:


hands Xtra a bottle of his special bourbon

Thats the point. We were open to all options just for fun

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Xtra, I do agree on a.lot of your points, and it happens in all multiplayer games.
When DG ceased, I played Travian for 3 years, and was about the same, in a larger scale.
There are always vultures willing to prey on the weak, powerblocks and stuff.
But think about this: how do you win at the end? Score. Powerblocks just shall prey on each one aswell to farm score.
The PL helps a bit here. As you can’t lose that much, the extra planets can help you.
Remember when we were forced to t3 planets in the same sectors as t1? Being invaded ETA 8?
At least that is not happening