Water ? 2P declares war to that

we are bored, the big ones playing and we are ?!
Than we have seen this:

This is not acceptable for 2P -> LCB drink beer not that water thingy here.
we will not win/we will not invade much/we will just do as much harm as we can. the good old 2P way!
You have one options to stop our attacks: Join X-Beer!

Lets waste resources and dring beer!


Have some fun :slight_smile:


we agreed to meet our fleets on a planet of lcb, we will see if they stand that fight

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Have fun guys ! :slight_smile:

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I can’t find the button to apply to X-Beer…

Oh well. We’ll be on our way to deliver some low-cal, refreshing beverage to your citizens. GoodLuckHaveFunDrinkLaCroix! :boom: :droplet: :boom:

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Some action in my backyard as it seems :slight_smile: Now I want to follow some nice manouvers.

We’ll try to make it a spectacle. Feel free to provide commentary. :smiley:

Didn’t expect that many soldiers being dropped on your entry spot :wink: Now seeing you all spreading out - lets see if that works out.

Hey, come back please? My soldiers are getting bored :frowning:

Edit: Oh, we forgot that X-Beer was invite only :smiley:

We’ll come back later! What’s your favorite flavor of La Croix? We’ll bring some.

Nah, I got my beer stacked. Save space for more soldiers :beer:

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Quite funny being a spectator. I won’t interfere in any way by giving comms or scans or anything like this - I am just curious, if the new neighbours will be as friendly as the old ones have been…

/me makes more Battleships…

ROF and DE will immediately turn on any intruder into this friendly war together.

Doesn’t sound like a fun matchup for us.

/me drinks more LaCroix

6 vs 3 does or ? :slight_smile:

Not really, no.

So you have asked around for help and found someone with FPS? :slight_smile:

No. Are they attacking you somewhere?

without water, no brewing beer
so water wins :heart_eyes:


btw: i lost more planets to DE and FPS than to you guys.
And no we will not stop our attacks. Join x-beer or lets go on. Even if we have nothing left we can still attack from homeworld :slight_smile:

We were never really interested in anything outside of Gal1…we thought you’d put up a better fight for those planets rather than just making us spend 400k+ soldiers to take each one.

Sounds like FPS might be your bigger problem, but I’ll keep an eye on my radar for you…my ships would love to finally get some action in this war.