We truly are SORRY

That the war is still planned and you cannot ■■■■■ nor complain about SORRY3.

Obviously nobody launched at 22:00 european time… so comms are clear.

Please admit if you thought: WTF HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Your comms… scan 1.69.6 :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I saw the sacrificial invasion ship ;p

Didn’t you researched Stealth for your ships? :astonished:


I want te report a bug…

I wonder how long we can make them buy this…

oh…i said it out loud. Dang bourbon’s like a truth serum

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That is not a sacrifice, that means we kept our promise and started the war at turn 650 :).
Plus some other interesting things that invasion ship can do.

Bump :)))))

sup :smiley:

we are Dark Federation not SORRY :stuck_out_tongue: