Welcome back - say hi!

Hey boys and girls,

It’s been a while. I know people have been hanging out on discord for a while, but why don’t we use the new forums as an opportunity to reintroduce ourselves?
Where are you, what do you do and what’s changed in the last ten years?


TFM/Dune former ircop on chatspike and member of BRC. Got married in 2009 after moving to Canada

Hell_Bahamut here. Portuguese, moved to the UK. Still waiting for DG to start again :wink:

Whilibarj, Canada, I think I saw a moose 6 years ago.

I forgot to say hi myself.

Played with a fair few alliences, notably Charlie Don’t Surf.

Married four weeks ago, still Irish but living in France.

I’ve never seen a moose.

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I played in ONU, EsRi, RWS, and others, I played since round 3.

I work as policeman in Spain, and I get married 3 years ago

Phaedrus here, known by plenty different names back in the day. amongst others been involved with tft and wp.

Been married for a while, went to Canada as a honeymoon.

Ow and I fed the capybara special herbs, he’s rockin it!

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Hi, I am Sobieski from Bulgaria and I am a DG addict. I have been in denial for a decade. I don’t even know why I still use this nickname it’s old and awful. I served SoL but I believe I was useless :slight_smile: I am a fullstack developer and a fisherman who happens to catch a lot of ducks and tortoises but no moose so far.


I’ve played in wolfpack and LOREAL, as well a couple of sideprojects on Mars servers :slight_smile:

I have 1 daughter of 5, and a 2nd daughter on the way (oct/19). We’re happily not married :smile:
Currently working as a logistics manager for a glass-recycling and -collecting company in Belgium.


Hark, the majestic moose. My sister once got bitten by a moose.

Bogey here. Great to see DG coming back! Started in Pluto 3 as “Blockcaptain Al”

Hei from Finland,

I am not totally sure, what my nicknames were, but I played for multitude of brilliant alliance such as Berner, DE and of course allmighty Loreal.

I got one daughter and zero moose.


From Belgium.

I first joined Wolfpack in 2002, then played other alliances, notably FSC, Goodfellas, Illuminati (later Jumanji and Anonymous Alcoholics) Identity Crisis (later Cunning Linguists and Manual Turn Update), YATTA, endgame in Wolfpack.

Change after 10 years: not a student anymore but a working man and living alone, set up a perfect base to play DG! >.<


Hi all, I expect some of you remember me. DE for ever unless there was an extra server in which case anything cracker came up with.

Big changes these days. Started DG when I was in School and some of uni, now I work to live and my Twin boys were 4 weeks old yesterday.

Looking for ways that I don’t have to go to work so I can spend more time with them at home!

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Ophelia here. Former Alce, Fluffy Pink Bunnies and Fairies. Honorary member of SoL.

Portuguese, moved to London, UK almost 10 years ago.

Database and BI developer, started a new job 2 weeks ago.

Have 2 kids, ages 4 and 8. Currently going through a divorce.

Never got bitten by a moose, but got bitten by a monkey in Gibraltar once.
…and by a squirrel
…and by a swan
…and by a dog

WP seriewoordenaar/Mother Wolf over here.
Dahumn this brings back memories.

Got a 3yo and 1yo son as well as a 15yo +daughter.
A dog, 2 cats, 4 chickens and a girlfriend living in our own house (still needs a lot of renovating though)

Somehow it feels really good to be back.


Saiyan here a.k.a. Yoeri

I spent the last 10 years building a career in Finance in combination with my own business. I live together with my girlfriend in Amsterdam, not married, no kids.

I approached Frosty with the question to buy DG trademarks, ended up sparking… well this. Obviously I didn’t put any work in, happy Frosty sees the possiblities.

Ready to honor the Empire again.

Dark Empire - Instant War
Honor, Pride, Loyalty


I see you got the hierarchy at your place well organised; first your pets then your girlfriend. :rofl:

Welcome back!

I’m… grapey. Melissa. :slight_smile:
Moved to Cairo in 2009. To Kuwait in 2013. Back to the U.S. middle of 2015.
Finishing up my bachelors degree - two semesters left.
Waiting for my son, who is 24 now, to get married.
Looking for a job.
Waiting for Craig to hurry up and finish putting this game back together. lol

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How does your girlfriend feel about you saying she needs renovations???