Welcome back - say hi!

Ola amigos, I played in RD/Goodfellas and a few others (Dark Empire when they were mass recruiters in round 1). Somehow Iain found me on linkedin and convinced me to sign up (for the forums that is!!).

I guess I’m older now than Cracker was back when we were in goodfellas, omg…

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you old phart


Well, I have to confess I have searched from.time to time in the hope of something like this game again.
I loved it, and it’s not an exaggeration to say I used to build my day around building queues, because I didn’t had Internet at home, and most of the time had to walk about 20 minutes to a ciber café…
And literally dreamed a couple of times that the game was back…

I’m Sochori, played in EsRi (still have a book Rolando sent me from Spain), LosChupacabras, Sari, and proudly share time and space with Romanians, Bulgarians and Lithuanian aswell.

In these years I became a lawyer, married and have a 3 year old kid that consumes all my time haha.

It’s nice to see you again.
I have to say, it’s nicer seeing some of you than most of my highschool mates hahaha


I guess I’m older now than Cracker was back when we were in goodfellas, omg…

Is this true? Good lord!

Welcome black sochori!!! Miss u!


Schönen guten Tach!

Lemp here. Playing dg since round 3 in DE, SaRi and EsRi. Got an doctor degree in quantum physics some time ago (nobady knows how …), got married and have an agressive cat.

Nice to see so many familiar names!


How to get the degree or the wife?? Hahaha

Papurri!!! Tanto tiempo!!!

I hate you all

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Hi! So I understand a biting-themed introduction is required here… I’ll bite the bullet then!

I’ve been bitten by a slug, but he was pretty cool about it. Other than that, I was bitten by a millipede, a lion, a bunch of exotic insects, not nearly enough blondes (does it count if it’s on request?) and a hurricane. I also once went to Portugal with Lowie en Rakis to visit Ophelia and some other MOA buddies, i’m not quite sure how much biting was involved, but I doubt it was 0. I took up MTB, but kept biting the earth. I Lived in the Carribbean for almost 6 years, but aforementioned hurricane sent me back to holland rebuilding about 2,5 years ago.
I’m now planning to get married and have my first kid in august, and work with MuleSoft as an API developer.

I mostly played with RD, MOA, RWS and KLM. I always played as Xtrafresh, aside from one round where I was Donald in the 4 man team Duck.
My main claim to fame is the creation of the first official warthread (holy hell I spent some hours on that thing!) and the founding of the LordNoble Fanclub.

We always need more alliances, so on returning a few days ahead of the Beta I started the VoC.

I have not seen any mooses, though I have a thrice-removed aunt who has.

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Finally a proper introduction again. Good to have you back in the game Xtra!

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HI , I am Necrolyte / Rusulika from Romania , played DG since the early days . Played under a lot of aliases but always under the same ROF flag . Romanians don-t get bitten … we usually do the biting . I’ve seen a moose today actually … it colonized a planet in system 68 of the ongoing beta game . I am very happy that in our days I can play this game with ease and from every imaginable device ( even Fridge ) … a decade ago things were a bit more complicated but still extremely fun and enjoyable . Thank you .

P.S. please put up the archives of the old forum , if available . It would be great fun to revisit old posts from a decade ago . Thks

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Good to see that you have become that modest and not full of yourself over the years :smiley:

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Yes…we came back…for a beta :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I was playing DG in early 2000s - member of TFT and leader of GONDOR after TFT. Came back to check on DG just of some nostalgia…and I couldnt belive my luck - DG is actually running!

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Hello all,

I am a return player. I played under the handle Digital Angel. My original alliance was The Star Jammers but then I hooked up with a fellow playing under the name Father and we merged into one alliance called the Angels of War.

I am pleasantly surprised that people are returning to play after such a long time. Thanks to the developers of renewing this awesome game. To all the OG players out there I look forward to playing with and against you. Good luck to all-


Borg team represent! Welcome back dude.

Hey all,

I was googling Yatta to show an awesome video to some coworkers as a nice end for the tough week.
And I noticed that this forum was up again, so I decided I would stop by and say hello :slight_smile:

So… hello to all, it’s nice to see some faces I remember!


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Welcome back Florent!

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Hi Florent!

Good to have you back! I tried quite hard to get hold of you at the start of the last round!

I’m hoping you can also find out which rock Cox is hiding under?


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