Welcome back - say hi!

[BRC]Kenny. Since I last played DG I left school (because that’s how long ago it was), got married and am having a baby in a month so this is AWFUL TIMING. But here we are.


Welcome Kenny, I suppose you’re in charge of night shifts for BRC then, best of luck catching sleep with a newborn!

You will get the advance to be asleep all the time

Hi all, Johnny Walker here. I played in Pink fluffy bunnies, Galgen, GSF and probably way more alliances.

I’m married and a father of a son.

I once met Ophelia, but she didn’t bite me. Got bitten by a dog and my son.


Hi I am from USA and work as a murse, was never bitten by a moose but I do drink MooseHead Beer. I figured we would never see this game rise from the dead.


FTLT Clerick aka Adas Labai (Clerick, Lapinas, Moonbitter ingame) former EsRi, FaTaLiTy, Dark Empire as “guest star” :smiley: and some more alliances.

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New name. Played as Stev in GsF and GalGen.

So good to see and remember some of the people posting here


Hi Stef :slight_smile:

I remember a cookie from some of my channels on irc, now I know that was you :stuck_out_tongue:
Naughty Stef, trying to fool us


Howdy ya’ll. Well isn’t this a little throwback :slight_smile: GalGen, dabbled in some other alliances depending on who offered the most beer. Still like beer.


we’ve all been trying to get a hold of you!!
where you been mister? what’s up?!!
so glad you aren’t dead. lol

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Well that escalated quickly…ya I’m glad I’m not dead too lol.

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How’s the fam? Your girl must be close to high school age now yeah?

Ave m8 wb. I was hoping to see you around again.

Welcome back Ave!!! nice to see you

You can drink better than Moose Head.

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8th grade…yeeeaaahh…I’m so not prepared, but I do have a small arsenal stashed just in case lol.

Better keep building it up, high school is just around the corner!!! lol
My son is 24 now. :thinking::smile:

So, this is completly out of the blue for me. I happened to google Dark Galaxy and found that you guys are standing it back up! I used to play back in… 2002? I was probably 13 or 14 at the time. I’d set my alarm for 4 in the morning so I could sneak downstairs to the home PC (haven’t times changed!) and kick off another metal mine or w/e. I played on my own, I didn’t have an alliance, so needless to say after about a month, some alliance would turn up with 10,000,000 bombers and 50,000 destroyers and claim my system, which was always very disappointing for me.

Hopefully this time around the game won’t be as difficult to play for those of us that have lives. I have added a suggestion to make the game less predatory to the game suggestions section Suggestion - Longer Build Queues/Less Predatory Gaming Style

Anyway, I’m 31 now, married and am working to help defend critical national infrastructure here in the UK from cyber attack.


Hi, I’m Muffinman and I live on Drury Lane.

Played for several alliances - Hypernexus, DARK, DalCom, and last couple of rounds in Wolfpack.

Since DG took it’s hiatus I got married and had 3 kids. Probably no time to play as serious DG round these days, but looking forward to playing again as a filthy casual.


Hi , i’m menorca. I played in ESTOPA , I got married and i I’ve 2 daughters, now i live in menorca. I just remember that my nickname was the same place I moved to live 4 years ago (WTF!!) . Maybe you remember my brother Tupazz, he also wants to play. Nice to see you again.