Where are you from (all the better to stalk you)

So, because I can’t remember everything and I’m nosy af, where is everyone from, and or where are you living now?

I was born and raised in California, USA. Currently living in the armpit of Nevada, USA. :laughing:

Quebec City, Canada. We speak French and we are nice people. I know that sounds unusual.

My armpits live along with me.

From Indiana, currently Ohio. Formerly Hilliard, currently Columbus.
Have any of my Estonian friends resurfaced yet?

From England, live in England :stuck_out_tongue:

Form Spain and i live in spain… i spend 1 year in Italy :stuck_out_tongue: long time agoooo

/me makes notes for invasions when people are asleep :smiling_imp:


But what even is sleep?

Portugal born but been living in London, UK for almost 10 years

Sleep is that thing you do in 50 minute blocks between turn updates

… You call talking to people online “sleeping?”

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Well I am from Bulgaria, lived in the UK for a good few years 15+ and now in New Zealand, will probably move to Australia next year for 6 months to a year and then Qatar or Abu Dhabi, possibly Dubai depending on who is offering the most $. From there it will be back to Europe… All that providing life doesn’t get in the way… I use to play this game back in the day when i was in school, that was 18 years ago lol

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Born and raised in Bath, UK. Then university in Birmingham, UK. Back to Bath then to Reading, UK then to London (hated it soooo much) and now back in Reading since 2013.

I lived in the Reading area when I started playing DG all that time ago!

I live not too far from Reading, but not that Reading.

Born and raised in England now been in Canada since 2009

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I’ve lived, worked and been educated within 40 miles of the exact spot I’m sat in for my entire life. Work in Sheffield, England now!

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You did change your email address though ,:stuck_out_tongue:


From Virginia, USA. Have lived in Pennsylvania (USA), Münster, Germany, Madagascar, Washington State (USA). Now living in Arizona USA :slight_smile:


Wait a hot second - are you on Discord?

Still an Irishman, but I’ve been living in the West of France for the last five years.
Life is good here apart from all the rain, but growing up in Ireland and then living in Scotland has made me immune to the rain really.